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One Person's Trash CAN BE Another's Treasure?

April 25, 2014

Checking out used building materials is a great way to reduce, reuse & recycle while you beautify your home. It can be easy on your budget too!

We're fortunate to have companies who take in our unwanted building materials and home improvement items then offer them back to the community at affordable prices. Such companies are:

  • GERSONS: 4726 S Country Club Rd Tucson, AZ; 520 624 8585
  • HABISTORE (Habitat for Humanity): 935 W Grant Rd Tucson, AZ; 520-889-7200
  • RESTORE (TMM Family Services): 2958 E 22nd St Tucson, AZ; 520-326-1936
  • RESTORE (Habitat for Humanity): 650 E. Myer Dr Sierra Vista, AZ; 520-458-0016
  • RESTORE (Habitat for Humanity): 115 E. Watkins Street Phoenix, AZ; 602-258-4196
  • RESTORE (Habitat for Humanity): 9133 NW Grand Avenue Suite 2 Peoria, AZ; 623-776-2287

Whether you're cleaning out your garage or involved in a home remodel, if you have items to pass on, it's far better than the landfill. Habitat for Humanity doesn't just build houses, they developed the Habistore. Habistore diverts more than 200 TONS of materials from the landfills each year by selling new and used home improvement materials, appliances, furniture, patio furniture and light fixtures. Revenue generated from the HabiStore is used to build houses for Habitat for Humanity. Next time you need building materials, consider an outing to one of these stores. It will be an interesting walk back in time and you may help save a sink, toilet, cabinet, claw foot tub, wrought iron grating….who knows what treasure awaits you?

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